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“Her own composition More is just brilliant… Ballads like the longing Desire, the self-confident Bigger Than The Both Of Us or the critical River show Le Kat's real strength, her fantastic skills as composer and singer…Le Kat's Boudoir Rouge is a special work of art. A shimmering world of indecency with its own attractiveness.”

Windy City Times
“The stunning blonde is never short on sex appeal, as she breathlessly purrs on ‘Coming Home’ and ‘Desire.’ She brilliantly reinterprets ‘I Need a Man’ by The Eurythmics by stripping the original's arrangements to focus on her plea. The Los Angeles-based artist also adds her own takes on Madonna's often-overlooked top 10 hit ‘Hanky Panky’ and Cole Porter’s ‘Keep Young and Beautiful.’ The bonus song ‘Lady in Lavender’ is about her role in the cult film Phantasm. Le Kat, born Kathy Lester, has her hand in writing majority of the sassy numbers on Boudoir Rouge. She impressively captures a timeless essence with her robust work.”

 “Boudoir Rouge, the recently released 14-track debut album from singer Le Kat, is a sultry, playful affair inspired by a range of interests and influences… Le Kat is assisted on Boudoir Rouge by a fine cast of musicians…Le Kat — a Hollywood, California, native whose real name is Kathy Lester — wrote nine of the songs on this stylistically diverse record, which includes vintage-sounding jazz numbers, theatrical cabaret tunes, pop, and moody torch songs. All of the material exudes a smoky, come-hither slinkiness. Basically, the disc is good fun...On the whole, this is a nice debut effort.”

Purrrrr…Le Kat seducing music & video fans

Hollywood, CA - A glamour girl enchanted by Paris and the Golden Age of Hollywood, chanteuse Le Kat has pounced on the music and video scene with a theatrical debut album and devilishly delicious music video. Brimful of elegantly diverse jazz vocals and moody pop songs that ooze sensuality, Boudoir Rouge was recently released and is earning the praise of reviewers. Also, answering the desires of her “phans”, Le Kat, wrote a bonus track, “Lady In Lavender”, in homage to the iconic character she portrays in the classic horror film, Phantasm. Lush and inviting, Boudoir Rouge, celebrates the swank of the Jazz Age and the bluesy swagger of modern day. Alluring and chic, Le Kat could be Marlene Dietrich’s and Cole Porter’s love child awakened in a new era.

Take a peek at "Wikked lil' Grrrls"!

"Peering through the keyhole of Le Kat’s lavish boudoir, in “Wikked Lil’ Grrrls” tantalizing music video, we are instantly drawn into her whimsical world and entrancing vignettes, exceeding one’s expectations. Corseted in black satin and slinky red velvet, we are greeted by the platinum blonde temptress’ curvaceous hourglass figure. She Brazenly takes hold of the stage strutting to the fusion of contagious Bossa Nova and samba rhythms."

Boudoir Rouge

The Album


Indulge your passions with Le Kat’s Boudoir Rouge.


Chanteuse’s take on the 1930’s is jazzy, bluesy and a little naughty.

Inspired by the 1930’s Hollywood glamour, Paris’ Jazz Age and unadulterated passion, chanteuse Le Kat has released her debut album, Boudoir Rouge, on the Le Kat Meow record label. The glitzy platinum blond bombshell wrote nine songs for the diverse collection of vintage jazz vocals, lonesome blues grooves, theatrical cabaret tunes, playful pop and moody torch songs, and produced thirteen tracks with William Tabanou.

Backing Le Kat on Boudoir Rouge is a core group of gifted musicians, including Tabanou on guitar and keyboards, Aaron Kaplan (Rod Stewart) on guitar, banjo and mandolin, bassist Brett Simons (Brian Wilson), Doug Webb (Quincy Jones, Freddie Hubbard) on saxophone and clarinet, trumpeter Larry Williams (Freddie Hubbard, Doc Severinsen), David Langlois (Stephane Wrembel) on percussion and washboard, pianist Jimmy Levine and drummer Mark David.

Opening with an inviting trip back in time to a Paris café, “Best I Ever Had” is a vocally ethereal song of amorous desire paced by lilting guitar progressions. Penned by Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart, “I Need A Man” is a slinky vaudevillian vamp. Le Kat purrs angrily through “More” while her musical ensemble takes on big band qualities on “Talk To Me.” “Mista Twista” is rambunctious, frisky and fun. A sensual video clip was shot for the Bossa Nova and samba-infused “Wikked Lil’ Grrrls.” Originally recorded by Madonna, “Hanky Panky” teases and tantalizes. The sassy “Bigger Than The Both of Us” vacillates in tempo allowing Le Kat to both vulnerably croon quietly and bellow boisterously with defiance in a tour-de-force performance. One of three emphasis radio tracks, “River” swings with elegance and grace. The yearning “Coming Home,” “Desire” and “Blue Man” are atmospheric ballads. On “Keep Young and Beautiful,” Le Kat offers a tongue-in-cheek guide for women in a society obsessed with youth and looks. Closing the disc as a bonus track, the ambient “Lady in Lavender” is haunting and chilling.

“Boudoir Rouge is about love, lust and desire. It’s a musical fusion of the past and present that takes you on a dream-like journey back to another time. Call it nouveau glamour of old Hollywood. I was inspired by the Jazz Age in Paris and iconic artists such as Django Reinhardt, Josephine Baker, Cole Porter and Cab Calloway as well as Hollywood glamour goddesses of the 1930’s like Marlene Dietrich. My goal is to evoke the music and glamour of the bygone era that gave birth to jazz and celebrated progression,” revealed Le Kat.

Le Kat (Kathy Lester) grew up in Hollywood where she started singing and writing songs at an early age. She spread her artistic wings into acting and studied dance at the Roland Dupree Dance Academy. It was there that an agent approached her, which led to a role as the femme fatale in the cult horror classic Phastasm. Her performance as the “Lady in Lavender,” for which she appears before legions of “Phans” at horror conventions across the nation, inspired the song she wrote of the same title. Le Kat honed her songwriting and performing talents, and studied voice with the legendary Rosemary Butler, Seth Riggs and Kay Montgomery. Hungry for the ambience and musical style of the 1930’s, she decided to focus her artistic muse on reviving that era musically and incorporating elements from that period into her performance. To support Boudoir Rouge, Le Kat will create an alluring musical and visual feast for the concert stage. Additional information is available at www.lekatmusic.com.

The songs contained on Le Kat’s Boudoir Rouge are:

“Best I Ever Had”
“Hanky Panky”
“I Need A Man”
“Bigger Than The Both of Us”
“Talk To Me”
“Mista Twista”
“Blue Man”
“Wikked Lil’ Grrrls”
“Keep Young and Beautiful”
“Coming Home”
“Lady in Lavender” (bonus)