Le Show

Le Kat’s Boudoir Rouge Extravaganza offers a transporting experience, enveloping her audience in the grandeur and sizzling swank of the 1920s-1940s with a modern flair. Each show is its own unique piece of living art. Le Kat has been known to make up to five costume changes, vanishing from the stage only to reappear in a stunning new guise and glistening plumed headdress.


Featuring a dynamic cast of characters, Le Kat's live show features her “sneaky cheeky feather fan dancers” who compliment her every move and every note with heavenly harmonies while titillating tap dancers, flappers, and 1920s harem girls shimmer with every undulation. The show’s theatrical intimacy conjures a dreamlike state for the audience offering them a door to a new dimension, where bygone eras bloom and imagination can run free with fantasy through Le Kat’s timeless whimsical world of entrancing vignettes.



























Fans can also partake in Le Kat's immeasurable artistry with her breathtaking debut album, Boudoir Rouge. Her oeuvre is a fourteen-song collection which elegantly exhibits her gift for composing modern originals with a vintage sound as well as reimagining vintage standards with a modern slant. Boudoir Rouge toasts the white-gloved revelers of the jazz age and indulges the untamed pleasures of the blues with a voice that can bring the house down.



Her work has been favorably compared to that of Diana Krall, Dusty Springfield, and Amy Winehouse. As further testament to the scope of her creativity, Le Kat co-produced her album with William Tabanou (Bubba Ho-Tep, Narc, and Sweet Thing). Celebrated as a critical success, her debut has been featured in Jazziz, Smooth Jazz Daily, and Windy City Times to name a few.


“This has truly been a lifelong dream,” Le Kat says, reflecting on her journey. “It’s the most authentic thing I’ve done. It embraces all my avenues of expression, acting, dance, fashion, and singing/songwriting, but also my passion for Paris and the Golden Age of Hollywood. It’s an incredible feeling that it’s all come to fruition. It feels like I freed something that has always been inside of me. I’ve finally created the role that little girl inside of me always wanted to see.



Visionary singer-songwriter Le Kat’s artistry is curating luxuriously alluring lifestyle experiences for her enraptured audience.  In performance, she transforms any stage into a simmering and unforgettable intimate encounter with playfully naughty innuendo, Golden-age of Hollywood decadence, bluesy swagger, and red-hot jazz sultriness.


“What I’m doing is coyly inviting my audience into my bedroom. It’s a tease, but not a striptease,” Le Kat purrs playfully. “Creativity for me is all encompassing; it includes music, dance, gorgeous costumes, and luxurious stage settings. These things help me invoke this alter ego. I’m like a warrior that goes into battle, but instead of arming myself with a sword and shield, I adorn myself in corsets and couture

Le Kat is the seductive blond bombshell hypnotizing you with her pouty ruby lips, famed curvaceous figure, and intriguingly chic fashion sense that conjures up a mosaic of cultures and eras tied together with her own unmistakable panache. These accouterments are only exceeded by what has been heralded as a “top shelf whiskey sugar voice.” Le Kat’s singing is smooth, sultry, and powerful often within the same song, showcasing an exceptionally broad vocal range and an innate musicality. Her creativity is vibrantly fluid, cultivating a sophisticated sensuality and a contagious lust for life. A true “triple threat,” singer/dancer/actress Le Kat adds songwriting, choreography, and costume design to her talents.








Le Kat’s mesmerizing show, Boudoir Rouge Extravaganza, represents the culmination of a life’s work. Whether she is the featured artist in a gilded palace with thousands in attendance at the Casati Ball in Russia, playing exclusive Hollywood parties, or numerous top clubs in Los Angeles including the House of Blues on the famed Sunset Strip, Le Kat continues to entrance international audiences and critics alike.








Le Kat’s journey began in Hollywood as Kathy Lester, a trained actress and dancer who studied with acclaimed Michael Shurtleff and at the esteemed Roland Dupree Dance Academy. Like an entertainment business fairytale, it was at the academy where an agent approached her and would nab her an audition for the cult horror classic Phantasm. Unbeknownst to her, she transformed the role from victim to femme fatal.  Her sensual and devious audition helped Don Coscarelli mastermind what is now known as the legendary Lady In Lavender. Adored for her iconic role, she has a rabid international following of “Phans” flocking to meet her at her numerous live appearances.